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Century 22 Productions develops and produces media based performing arts projects.


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Dr. George Shaw is a college music professor, trumpet player, independent record producer, computer assisted recording artist and composer.

Growing up in Enterprise, Alabama, a city in the southern part of the state, Dr. Shaw was always musically inclined. An early musical memory is of trumpet players from the local high school coming to play in his father’s church. In 1967 Shaw entered the undergraduate music program at Alabama State University. He went on to earn two more degrees in music: a Masters degree from Wayne State University in Michigan and a Doctorate from the University of Oklahoma.

"I got my Doctorate degree from the University of Oklahoma, played trumpet and electric bass in local R&B, Country and Rock bands and taught instrumental music in the public school system in Norman, Oklahoma. While I attended Wayne State University, I played in the nightclubs of Detroit and taught in the Detroit public school system for two years. Before that I attended Alabama State University (one of the historical black colleges in the South) where I played trumpet and bass in the symphonic and marching bands and traveled with David Ruffin and the Temptations during the summer."

In 1978 Dr. Shaw relocated to the Los Angeles area to embark on a career as a recording studio session player. Since then, Dr. Shaw has enjoyed a varied career in music.

As an educational innovator, Dr. Shaw was instrumental in developing a unique program of music education at Long Beach City College.  The Long Beach City College Music Program eschews the traditional approach to music education and provides students the opportunity to function as working professional musicians in a learning environment.

In 1982 Dr. Shaw formed Century 22 Productions and has successfully produced such artists as Wilton Felder, Ronnie Laws, Frank Potenza, Tim Heintz, Paul Russo, Daline Jones, Stanley Smith, Maurice Love, Alvin Hayes, Scott Carter, Michael Adams and Damon Rentie.

“Century 22 Productions is built around a working computer controlled media environment and what I refer to as influenced composition. Today’s music technology allows me to pack a lot of power into a small environment. I started like everyone else, with a four-track living room studio. Then, inevitably, the living room got too cramped to allow much "living" to take place. My studio evolved as technology evolved. I'm a product of the MIDI and digital audio era. Digital work environments allow one to create wonderful music as well as musical illusions. MIDI and digital audio came along just in time for me."

In addition to the production demands of his own recordings and the ongoing development of Century 22 Productions, Dr. Shaw continues to nurture and record new and established musicians.          

“I'm influenced by the whole world of music.”

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