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Century 22 Productions

Century 22 Productions develops and produces media based performing arts projects.


Jetstream is a performance group dedicated to recorded and live musical performances.


As an educator Dr. Shaw firmly believes:

"You never pass up an opportunity to teach somebody something. You never pass up an opportunity to watch a light go on. No matter how dim the light, no matter how insignificant it may be to you, it's not insignificant to the person who's being turned on."

In addition to performing at jazz festivals such as the Long Beach Jazz Festival, the Portland Jazz Festival and the Chesapeake Bay Jazz Informance, and running his music publishing business and producing records, Dr. Shaw enjoys a career as an educator. If his music can be termed "influenced composition," then his teaching methods can just as easily be defined as "influenced instruction." In matters of music education as well as composition, Dr. Shaw reflects a synthesis of many diverse influences.

An educational philosophy began to take shape while he was conducting research for his doctoral dissertation. He obtained a grant from the University of Oklahoma that financed a unique two year project in which he traveled across the United States conducting interviews with hundreds of musicians and music educators. The people he spoke to ranged from those just starting out to those already at the top of their fields.

Dr. Shaw flew from city to city for two years, cassette recorder in hand, and the central question he posed to each music professional he interviewed was the same: In your opinion, how can music and in particular improvisation best be taught? After studying their answers and writing a dissertation on the subject, Dr. Shaw felt he knew the best way to approach the teaching of music and improvisation. His methods, currently employed in the Long Beach City College music program, are unprecedented through his singularly "real world" approach and his extensive contacts in the music business.


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